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High voter turnout, heavy rain and confusion at the polls in New Jersey

JERSEY CITY, NJ — There were lines out the door at multiple polling places in Jersey City Tuesday, as heavy rain poured down on voters trying to cast their ballot early.

"I came earlier today and the line was so long that it wrapped around, and I had to leave and come back now," said one woman who waited in line twice today at the Base Gym on Christopher Columbus Drive, which doubled as a polling place today.

The line at this location did thread throughout the inside of the gym and extended outside before doubling-back on itself, equating to a 2-hour wait or more for voters dressed in rain gear.

Some left without voting.

"From what I have seen on social media, it is a little difficult for some people," said another Jersey City voter. "I’m lucky my job is flexible, but not everybody can spend the time it takes to do this."

Voters took to Twitter where they directed frustration at the city's mayor.

"2.5 hours in district E9. Better than the 3.5 hours I waited in 2016. Total disgrace!" tweeted Susi Kandel.

Another wrote: "Hopefully those who couldn't afford to wait in the lines at the Conwell School polls for 3 hours this morning are willing and able to come back later today. Time to redistrict!"

While others relished in the voter enthusiasm this midterm election, where record turnout was apparent.

"I tried to avoid the first-thing early-morning pre-work rush, but I expected and hoped there would be a lot of people," said one voter, umbrella in hand.

While in South Orange, some voters tweeted that they were denied at the polls:

"...denied vote b/c on list for Mail In Ballots we never received (or signed up for)..." said Antony Bugg Levine.

This confusion at the polls could have something to do with New Jersey’s new mail-in ballots law.

If you mailed in your ballot for the 2016 election — you are now automatically considered a mail-in voter unless you contacted your county clerk to make that change.

If you didn’t make the change before Election Day, you could only vote by a provisional ballot today.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

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