Nearly 100 Brooklyn families facing eviction

BROOKLYN — Nearly 100 Brooklyn families may now face eviction after a Kings County Supreme Court ruling Monday afternoon.

The city’s Department of Homeless Services placed the families in buildings owned by Barry Hers back in 2014. Part of the buildings were being used as homeless shelter cluster sites that were run by a non-profit organization.

When the shelter program ended in 2015, many of the tenants stayed in the apartments and found ways to cover the rent on their own.

They have been fighting for apartment leases in their names, but a judge ruled Monday that the landlord is not required to provide them with leases, clearing the way for eviction proceedings.

A team from Legal Aid represents the tenants and vowed to appeal Monday’s ruling to a higher court.

Tenants were devastated by the news.

“I pay my rent and they still want to put us out, come on something gotta give,” Diane Mooney said.

Irene Dowdy left the courtroom in tears after the judge’s ruling.

“I’m angry, I’m about to be homeless with my kids," she said.

The attorney representing the landlord declined to comment on the ruling.

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