Battleground New York: Congressman Tom Suozzi faces Navy vet Dan DeBono

HUNTINGTON, NY — The 3rd congressional district has been held by the Democrats for the last three elections; however, the races have been getting tighter. Current Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi, (D) Glen Cove, is now facing a tough test from a Navy veteran turned experienced finance guy.

New York’s 3rd runs along the Island’s north shore— spanning from Northeast Queens, though Nassau County communities like Manhasset into Suffolk County.

“We have lack of growth,” said Suozzi during a recent debate. “Nassau County is suburban sprawl that’s why were not growing anymore.”

Suozzi’s challenger is Dan DeBono, (R) Northpoint.

“Lower taxes are the only way to restore the economy and allow our young people to live with us here with us growing up,” DeBono said during the debate.

The two candidates sparred mainly over the economy when meeting face-to-face. There was a prolonged discussion over the Republican tax cut. Suozzi voted against it. DeBono has expressed concerns about the plan, but believes it is helping the economy, along with the rest of the Republican agenda.

“Number one, business is preforming at record levels,” DeBono said. “Number two, incomes are up. Number three employment is up. Four, the probability of you having a job is higher. If you own assets they’re appreciated since the plan was announced. If you own a house you’ve enjoyed appreciation since the plan was announced.”

“Every Democrat and Republican from the United States Congress from Long Island and New York City voted against this tax plan because it eliminates the state and local tax deduction,” Suozzi said. “It makes no sense and the idea this guy still supports the plan is wrong.”

The most contentious moments of the debate PIX11 witnessed was when DeBono went after Suozzi’s long political carrier as mayor of Glen Cove and as Nassau County Executive.

“My opponent is still studying the problems in helped create during 20 years in politics,” DeBono fired at one point.

Suozzi accused DeBono of wrong impugning his integrity, adding after the debate: “I think I got a positive reaction from the crowd, while he got a negative one, it was irresponsible some of the things he said.”

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