NYPD needs more time to deploy body cameras after 1 explodes

NEW YORK — New York City police say they’ll need an extra two months to finish equipping patrol officers with body cameras after pausing the roll out when one exploded on Oct. 20.

A revised timeline unveiled Tuesday has all patrol, transit and housing officers getting cameras by the end of February.

The department had wanted them in place by year’s end, but wound up scrambling for alternatives after shelving the Vievu LE-5 model involved in the explosion.

About 15,000 of the department’s 35,000 officers already have body cameras.

The NYPD is replacing 3,000 LE-5s it pulled from service with older LE-4s. Officers waiting to get a camera will get a different model.

An investigator hired by the NYPD said the explosion was likely caused by lithium-ion battery damage, possibly from a paperclip used to reset the device.

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