Interim Chair of NYCHA grilled about city’s privatization details at public hearing

NEW YORK -- Interim chair of NYCHA Stanley Brezenoff was in the hot seat again at a public hearing Tuesday.

The topic of the hearing -- the privatization of New York City Public Housing.

Brezenoff says programs like the rental assistance demonstration, also known as RAD, is a way to inject private money into the troubled agency.

In a prepared statement, Brezenoff says NYCHA has started construction on five 100 percent affordable housing buildings, 17 affordable projects are in planning stages, that will bring 3,000 new affordable units, including 1,000 units for seniors.

Karen Blondel from the Red HookHouses says she’s fearful privatization means she will be squeezed out of her home.

“I’m afraid I will be pushed out not just out of my apartment but the city I love,” Blondel said.

The city employees union local 237 President Gregory Floyd, who represents 8,000 workers who work in NYCHA, and a third of NYCHA workers also live inside NYCHA, says he does not support privatization.

“What this is land give away and the money is a one shot deal and it’s not enough,” Floyd said.

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer also has serious concerns, and says change needs to happen at the top.

“Whether it’s Stanley Brezenoff or someone else to have this position full time on a permanent basis," Bramer said. "That person meds to be in it for the long haul."

Councilmember Ritchie Torres says the plan is a win-win for the city and residents.

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