Cuomo announces $20 million initiative to combat MS-13 violence on Long Island

BRENTWOOD, Long Island — Gov. Andrew  Cuomo and city officials announced Monday a new $20 million initiative to combat MS-13 violence in Brentwood.

Cuomo touched on the importance of deterring young kids from gangs, saying it was easy to get sucked in.

“This is a complicated, multi-faceted issue,” Cuomo said.  “We have to fill that void before the gang fills that void. We have to get there first.”

Cuomo said $15 million from the new grant will be going towards a new community “hub” building in Brentwood.

Long Island has seen extensive MS-13 violence in recent years — the gang has been blamed for at least 25 killings since January 2016.

Watch the governor’s announcement: 

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