Nor’easter slams New York area with drenching rain, winds, coastal flooding

NEW YORK — An early season Nor’easter will make a mess across the Tri-state region this weekend. All of the ingredients are there for one heck of a windstorm that brought heavy rain, inland and coastal flooding, and power outage, disrupting any pre-Halloween activities as the holiday will be this upcoming Wednesday.

The worst of the Nor’easter is expected to last through noon on Saturday.

High Wind Warnings have been issued for the Jersey Shore and Eastern Long Island will get the brunt of the storm as the system makes it’s pass just off shore on Saturday. Gusts to 60 mph will be possible along with a lot of rain that could total two inches or higher.

The strong onshore winds will also pile up water along the coast. Coastal Flood Warnings have been issued through noon as tides could go three feet above astronomical during Saturday morning’s high tide. This will lead to widespread moderate flooding, and in some cases major flooding for the most vulnerable spots like the back bays of Nassau. The shore surrounding Long Island Sound won’t escape the flooding either. Expect additional moderate flooding during the midday high tide cycle affecting vulnerable coastal locations. Those areas could see road closures and flooding of low-lying properties.

Though rain continues through the day, flash flooding is no longer anticipated, the flash flood watch has been cancelled, according to the National Weather Center.

In addition to coastal flooding, the beaches will get a beating. An intense storm like this will kick up the surf allowing waves of 8 to 12 feet high to pound the shore. That will create a good deal of beach erosion along the Jersey Shore and South Shore of Long Island.

Closer to the city, conditions are not expected to be as bad, however over 1 inch of total rain will occur with wind gusts to 50 mph during the morning.

A storm watch also remains in effect until 6 p.m. Saturday, evening with wind gusts up between 25 and 35 mph along Long Island and coastal Connecticut.

Winds offshore on the ocean and across the Long Island Sound have reached up to 50 mph.

Regardless of whoever gets to torrential downpours or worst winds, this storm will produce scattered power outages especially through Saturday morning. The heavy rain will weaken the ground and strong winds could toppled down trees onto power lines and area roadways.

Conditions improve further Sunday salvaging the back half of the weekend, but the day will still have a good deal of clouds.

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