How Monica’s making it happen this week

THE BRONX — Some families at the Claremont Consolidation in the Bronx say NYCHA has finally taken action on the rats taking over their homes, in light of all of the media coverage they have been getting.

“It takes cameras people exposing their kitchens to get help. But I haven’t seen a rat today,” said Jessica de Jesus, a resident who captured several rats running along the ledge of the building running into windows.

A NYCHA spokesperson says they have done the following things since the story broke several weeks ago:

• All holes initially observed in the basements have been covered and the basements have been thoroughly cleaned;
• Exterminators treated 61 units—two units refused treatment and one unit required social services intervention;
• 54 garbage bins were distributed to the residents. Staff will continue distribution today;
• Buildings’ chutes cleaning is scheduled for Monday.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was on the 'Monica Makes It Happen' Facebook Show this week discussing NYCHA issues. You can watch the entire show here:

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