Community gathers at vigil to mourn Bronx father fatally shot in front of his young son

THE BRONX -- In a neighborhood already fed up with gun violence, the fatal shooting of a father, and the near fatal shooting of his 5-year old son, has struck a nerve, here in the Claremont section of the Bronx.

Several dozen residents gathered Friday night in front of the apartment building at the Butler Houses where a suspect shot and killed Jaquan Millien on the sixth floor Tuesday afternoon.

Millien’s 5-year old son Omari was shot in the arm. He was saved only by a quick a thinking NYPD Lieutenant, who used his belt to make a tourniquet.

“The perpetrators shot a 5-year old boy in his arm. That’s madness. That’s gotta stop," said one of the community leaders during the emotional vigil. "And so we are here – this community, to send a strong message, that we are not going to tolerate, not only the killing of each other, but the killing and hurting of our children."

Millien’s family visited the candle-filled memorial for the first time, and witnessed the releasing of several white balloons in Jaquan’s honor.

One of Millien’s cousins told PIX11, “He was always with his baby, and his family. And he was a nice person. And if he could help you – he would help you.”

“Y'all took a good one. Ya’ll took a good son, y'all took a great friend. Ya’ll took an amazing and phenomenal father,” cried one of Millien’s friends.

Three days after this fatal shooting, police are still looking for the suspect.

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