Families in ‘freezing’ Fort Greene building overrun with rats want answers

FORT GREENE, Brooklyn -- Families at the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene, Brooklyn say there is not heat in their homes and the buildings are overrun with rats.

Darold Burgess, the tenant association president, says there is a long list of problems, from rats to no heat and no hot water.

“The water is ice cold. There is no heat. I called again I gave them a ticket number," said Richard Johnson, a long-time resident of the Ingersoll Houses. "They said they would resubmit the ticket. Ridiculous."

Families also say rats are taking over their buildings because of nearby construction.

“They take turns and they visit from one building to the other,” said Christine Tracy, also a resident of the Ingersoll Houses.

A NYCHA spokesperson confirms Tuesday morning that there was a heat and hot water service interruption due to a mobile boiler flame failure, which was quickly corrected by staff. Service was restored at 9 a.m.

Over the weekend, there were brief heat and hot water service interruptions due to an emergency break glass issue that cut off the mobile boiler. Ingersoll Houses’ new heating plants are scheduled to go live by mid-December. More information available here.

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