Bronx teen who survived alleged Trinitarios attack days before ‘Junior’s’ murder starts high school

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NEW YORK — Esaid Hoke, a 14-year-old who survived 16 stab wounds in an alleged Trinitarios attack on the Bronx River Parkway, finally started high school Monday... out of state.

The 14-year-old started high school nearly four months after he was stabbed 16 times by alleged Trinitario gang members. (Photo: Keisha Hoke)

The smiling teen, who suffered two cardiac arrests and lost a kidney after the savage assault, posted a photo of himself on Instagram Monday with a simple, loving sentiment, “Thanks, Mom.”

Hoke’s mother, Keisha, fought to have her son advanced to ninth grade, even though he missed the last two months of eighth grade in the Bronx, fearful that the Trinitarios gang would kill him.  Alleged gang members had chased him home last Dec., retaliating against Hoke because of a dispute he had with an ex-girlfriend.

When Hoke transferred to a new school, Esaid’s mother said they followed him there with bats in April.

Hoke’s mother appealed to PIX11 for help a couple of weeks ago, upset that the new school out of state wanted Esaid to repeat eighth grade.

We called the New York City Department of Education at the time, giving Esaid’s identification number and asking about safety transfers.

Hoke’s mother kept calling the DOE, asking for assistance to get her son accepted into high school out of state.

“They just called me two days ago,” Keisha Hoke told PIX11, referring to the DOE in New York, “and said they passed him into ninth grade. They approved him last Wednesday or Thursday.”

“He’s so happy,” the mother said. “I’m happy, I’m excited.  He’s a great kid. He was just in the wrong place.”

Esaid Hoke said he was swimming at a Bronx park on June 18 when he emerged from the water to see alleged gang members waiting to pounce.

A chase began, and Hoke ended up getting stabbed near a median on the Bronx River Parkway.

Police said two days later, some of the same suspects who were part of Hoke’s attack stabbed 15-year-old Lesandro 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz to death outside a Bronx bodega on Bathgate Avenue.

Only one suspect has been arrested in the Hoke attack on federal charges: Ramon Paulino, who was released from jail on $100,000 bond, pending trial.

Esaid Hoke has been quite active on Instagram, talking about his recovery and sometimes crying about his ordeal and leaving his home in the Bronx.

During one, “live” post, Hoke warned other young people to stay off the streets, noting they could end up in jail... or dead.

His mother said this about leaving the Bronx: “Now that we’re not there anymore, he’s happy.  He doesn’t go outside a lot.”

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