NYC is ‘poster child of slumlords,’ Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says

NEW YORK — The annual list of the city's worst landlords should include the New York City Housing Authority for its mismanagement of public housing, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Monday.

He called for a more transparent system of tracking complaints inside NYCHA. It would feature real-time tracking online for everyone to see, similar to what was used to the NYPD's CompStat program.  Adams said it would hold NYCHA accountable.

“Until you have a system like this, you really don’t know accountability. No one is held accountable,” he said. "New York City has become the poster child of slumlords."

A big issue right now is the cold. Ingersoll Houses Tenant Association President Darold Burgess said there are families right now without heat or hot water.

“It’s very absurd they didn’t get it together," he said. "We are already cold."

Burgess also backed the idea of a new complaint system.

A NYCHA spokesperson said, “We agree that NYCHA needs a more transparent, streamlined process for managing repairs and response. Our new leadership has already begun working on implementing a new program for NYCHA, which we look forward to announcing soon.”

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