‘Right to Know’ act goes into effect in NYC

NEW YORK — NYPD officers will be required to share their information with people they stop on the streets.

Under the “Right to Know” act, officers will hand out business cards with information including their name, rank, command and shield number.

The goal of the act is to improve the relationship between police officers and New Yorkers.

The card will also have information on where people can comment about their encounters with police officers and where they can request body camera footage.

While the information can be requested at any time, officers are only obligated to show it during certain encounters such as frisks, sobriety checks and property and vehicle searches.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch says the act will discourage police officers from addressing crime.

“As we’ve said from the beginning, the 'Right to Know’ laws will discourage police officers from proactively addressing crime and disorder and will lead to more frivolous complaints.  The City Council has continuously piled on new burdens and second–guessing for our police officers, creating unnecessary distractions for them that will ultimately make NYC a more dangerous place.”

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