Jersey City family looking for answer after dog attack

JERSEY CITY, NJ — A Jersey City family is looking for answers after their son was viciously attacked by a pit bull while walking home from school. The 16-year-old had to be hospitalized.

A woman was walking the dog when the boy got bit, but the teen says she failed to pull the dog back or ask if he was okay. Derrick Holley, 16, had to get a dozen stitches.

"It charged at me and bit me on my leg," said Holley. "The dog came at me again and bit me on my left leg, but this time it held on tight to my left leg."

He says it happened on Corbin Avenue near Sip Avenue on Oct. 10 at around 7 p.m.

Once he finally got away, he said the woman who had been walking the dog just left.

"She was telling him to stop, but she didn’t grab the leash," he said. "I thought she might have grabbed the dog on my first bite, but she didn’t."

Holley's parents say he's had to miss school and must continue getting rabies shots, since his family has no idea where the woman and dog live, or if it was rabid.

"Very stressful," said Derrick's father, Derrick Holley Sr. "Looking for the owner, making sure his health is straight. Real stressful for me, his mom, his grandmother. The whole family."

Holley says the dog was an all white pit bull with brown spots. The woman is described as white with light brown or blonde hair.

The family is asking her to come forward.

"The dog bit my son's leg," said Holley Sr. "It would been alright if the owner stayed, but now we don’t know and we’re just looking for answers now."

Anyone with information is asked to call Jersey City Police at (201) 547-5477. Authorities say they are investigating.

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