How Monica’s making it happen this week

NEW YORK -- Councilmember Rafael Salamanca asked PIX11 to visit the Melrose-Mott Haven Senior Center on 152nd Street.

“It serves over 200 seniors a day," Salamanca said. "And we have NYCHA to fix the ceiling. The promises it would be done."

“We never know when it will rain inside. It’s scary,” Carmen Vasquez added.

A NYCHA spokesperson tells PIX11 news plumbers will be working on the leak Monday, and the leak will be fixed by the end of the day. A spokesperson also promises tiles in the lunchroom ceiling will be replaced soon and Wednesday there was an extermination.

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Thousands of families didn't have heat or hot water in public housing last winter.

Mayor bill de Blasio promises this year the heat will be on this winter. The mayor made the announcement on the lower east side at the Lilian Wald Houses Thursday. The Mayor admits mistakes were made but he says there will be massive city wide improvements this year, including 50 new heating technicians, better customer service plus robocalls, and five New mobile boilers.

“We believe this coming winter will be better! Look we don’t know what Mother Nature will throw us but we do know that they have real improvements in place,” Mayor de Blasio said.

The new plan gives special attention to 87,000 residents and hires third party experts at a cost of one million dollars a month.

Legal aid society says right now Rangel, Hammel, and Whitman NYCHA developments all have outages right now.

That’s about 4,100 people with on and off heat and hot water.

The mayor also says he's now appointing a new lead czar.

The commissioner of sanitation Katherine GARCIA he says will get the job done.

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Councilmember Alicka Ampry Samuel, Chair of the city council’s public housing committee, asked PIX11 for help fixing a Harlem community center she says is falling apart. Leona Shoemaker, the tenant association president of Kings Towers in Harlem, says it needs to be fixed right away.

“We’ve got to make it happen. A child will get hurt,” Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker says the community center, the Martin Luther King Jr. Towers Community Center, is part of the ten building development of the Kings Towers.

Shoemaker says ceilings are falling apart, electrical outlets need to be fixed, doors are broken, there is no heat, and there are rodents. The New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says they have been working on a plan to fix these problems since August, and will have all repairs complete by Thursday.

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