Scare in the supermarket forges life-changing relationship between two friends

HOWELL, N.J. -- Marianne LaPlante went food shopping with her mom at the new Aldi supermarket on Route 9 in Howell last Thursday. Once inside, she felt sick and collapsed.

"And we heard bang! A loud bang. And a woman screamed for help," recalled Lisa Manoy, who was shopping with her daughter in a different aisle.

Manoy was a nurse for 12 years, so she rushed toward the noise.

"If she didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be talking right now," LaPlante said.

Manoy found LaPlante laying on the floor, convulsing. Her face was turning blue. She wasn't breathing and her pulse slowed to a stop.

"So right away, I just started performing chest compressions and what seemed like an eternity, lasted about two or three minutes," Manoy said. "And then she spit up and started to breathe."

While Manoy did her work — her daughter Lindsay prayed with Marianne’s 94-year-old mother, Ann Zigmund.

"When I saw her giving CPR, then I knew that it was serious and that scared me more," Zigmund said. "But at least she was in good hands."

An ambulance took LaPlante away and Manoy and her daughter left the supermarket that day not knowing who the woman was or if she would be okay.

Until, a Facebook post. LaPlante wrote a thank you on social media to the mystery woman who saved her life — Lisa Manoy.

Lindsay Manoy said she got a call from a friend who saw it within 24 hours.

"I was like oh my god! And I ran down and I was like she’s okay, she’s okay!" exclaimed Lindsay.

Now, the two women are in touch and they’re planning to meet again - as friends.

"It just shows people are inherently good," LaPlante said.

"She’s very grateful," Manoy said. "But I’m grateful I made a friend."

LaPlante says she has been to a few doctors in the last week to get everything checked out, but as of today she is feeling okay.

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