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Overcrowding at Montefiore Hospital has led to patients being treated in hallways: nurses

Posted: 8:47 AM, Oct 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-16 18:08:49-04

NORWOOD, the Bronx — Members of the New York State Nurses Association are demanding Montefiore Hospital officials do something about the overcrowding issue.

Nurses, community leaders and patients gathered outside of Montefiore's Westchester Square Medical Center on Seddon Street Tuesday morning to demand Montefiore Hospitals change the way patients are treated.

Nurses said patients are often left in the hallways on stretchers, sometimes for days at a time.

"Relegation recipients of Medicaid to cramped and crowded hallways-teeming with sick patients, many of them with infections-creates an environment conducive to more illness, not less," said Ritchie Torres, Bronx council member who is expected to be at the rally.

A Montefiore spokesperson released the following statement Tuesday:

Every critically ill patient is seen immediately by an emergency department physician at Montefiore.

Even though other emergency departments in our community are less busy and have available hospital beds, people come to Montefiore because we provide high-quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care.

To increase capacity during peak periods we utilize all available space and all patients are assigned a nurse, full care team, and receive comprehensive medical care. We are committed to working with elected officials, Bronx medical providers, and local partners to reduce reliance on emergency departments for non-emergency care and increase access to ambulatory care in the community.

Officials have asked that any complaints be directed to the Department of Investigation's hotline at 646-481-8892