Nearly 1400 NYC bus shelters abruptly close for week-long emergency inspections

NEW YORK — Commuters across NYC expressed frustration after nearly 1,400 bus shelters unexpectedly closed for emergency inspections.

Yellow caution tape wrapped around the shelters with signs reading: "The bus shelter has been closed to complete a safety inspection. Please do not stand in the bus shelter."

"When I was approaching it I thought it was a crime scene," a bus commuter in Queens said told PIX11 News. "I mean there's caution tape, but a lot of it you can see is on the ground, so I was like 'Did something happen and I just missed it?"

The buses will still be running on a normal schedule, but the closures are expected to last the rest of the week.

JCDecaux, a private street furniture firm hired by the city in 2015, maintain nearly 3,500 bus shelters across NYC. The company said they began investigating after finding an apparent issue with corrosion around some bolts at one of the shelters.

"The company immediately began a process of inspecting all 3,500 bus shelters, focusing on the 2,500 which used an older design that was updated after 2012," the company's spokesperson said in a statement.

Approximately 30 of the first 1,000 shelters inspected revealed some kind of corrosion, prompting immediate repair work.

"We will hold the contractor accountable for making these fixes expeditiously," NYC's Department of Transportation said in a statement. "We agree with their current actions and will monitor to make sure the shelters are inspected and returned to operation in a safe manner."

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