Long Island first grader has the talent to become the next ‘Bob Ross’

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Huntington, L.I.—More than two decades after his passing, he’s still inspiring artists.

But a little boy from Long Island may have the natural talent and ability to be the next Bob Ross.

Meet Noah, a first grader, who, in his spare time, loves to paint.

Noah’s mom said she noticed her son’s natural gift a few months ago, when it was the only thing that would keep his attention.

So she brought him to Art in the Word, a neighborhood art studio, where he could learn more about painting.

His teacher, Sandy, teaches him using the Bob Ross technique, and he’s pretty darn good.

"I think he's very talented. And I think that it's something that he’s called to do. He will be a very good artist as he gets older because it comes from his heart, it's not just a hobby," Sandra Evans said.

Noah says he paints every morning before he goes to school.

I went through some of his portraits with this artist-in-training.

His mom says nothing makes her happier than seeing him happy and that she and her husband are so proud of the works he's done so far.

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