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Howard fights Facebook revenge

We get a number of emails from people who have problems with Facebook. But Sunday Hitt of Suffolk County sounded like she really needed help.

She told us her ex set up a phony Facebook page using her maiden name. She said it portrayed her in…well, let’s just say in an unflattering light. It also had a photo of her special needs son. And Hitt showed us the order of protection she obtained against her ex.

“He was syphoning my money and beating me, Hitt told me. “It was a horrible situation.”

So, Hitt wants this Facebook page taken down. But it’s not easy dealing with Facebook. She’s had a lot of trouble.

“I’ve reported it about 80 something times.”

“To whom?" I asked.

“Facebook! They keep saying case closed.”

So, we contacted Facebook on Hitt's behalf and spoke with someone who is trying to help. Facebook finds the situation a little confusing when it comes to verifying the account involved. And, honestly, we also were a little confused about how this could go on. But the bottom line is that Sunday is trying to keep herself and her son safe. So, we’re hoping the site can come down. We’ve got Facebook is looking at this again.

UPDATE - 10/23:

It took a while.  But on Oct. 23, Facebook finally took down the revenge site. Sunday is relieved and glad this little ordeal is over.

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