Howard opens the window for a refund

Laurie Ford runs a day care center in Mahopac in Putnam County. She needed a new glass window for her building. Last year, she got what she thought was a good deal from the Glass Doctor in Mamaroneck.

“He gave us a good price it was $29 - hundred. He reduced it down to 25,” Laurie told me.

So, Laurie put down a deposit of $1,750. But she says the Glass Doctor never returned. At one point she says, the Doctor offered a much more expensive deal. After that, no communication. The job was never done, and her deposit never refunded. So, she emailed me.

We paid a visit to the Glass Doctor in Mamaorneck. After some go-around they gave Laurie a check for $1,750. Later, the boss sent us an email putting some of the blame for the problem on her. The important thing is that she has her money back.