Bronx mom of 14-year-old parkway stabbing victim wants more help — and more arrests

THE BRONX -- The mother of 14-year-old Esaid Hoke, who survived 16 stab wounds after a June gang attack on the Bronx River Parkway, wants help to bring her son back to a safe place in New York City.

The teen, who suffered two cardiac arrests and lost a kidney, has been living out of state, and his mother told PIX11 the boy’s upset about his school situation.

“They want him to repeat the 8th grade,” Kisha Hoke said tearfully, talking about school administrators in the city where her son is now living. “He really wants to go to school. He was so sad he couldn’t graduate. He was so happy he was going to high school.”

Hoke was stabbed two days before the vicious mob assault on Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as Junior, which was captured on multiple surveillance cameras and ended with Junior dying from his severe neck wound.

Some of the suspects accused of killing Junior were on the scene when Esaid Hoke was stabbed, according to police sources.

Esaid Hoke’s problems started last December, according to his mother, when his ex-girlfriend allegedly called on Trinitarios gang members to chase him after school. Kisha Hoke said a mob of eight or nine young people turned up at her rental home on Walton Avenue with knives and machetes.

“My son was running, running, running to my house. They were chasing him with knives and machetes," Kisha Hoke said. "I was fighting with all of them, trying to defend my son. We ran inside the house and called police.”

Kisha Hoke showed us the police report and also acknowledged one of the girls took out an order of protection against her, after the mom admittedly hit one girl during the dispute.

Life got more complicated after that.

Kisha Hoke said she secured a “school safety” transfer for her son, but the gang found him at the new facility.

Esaid claimed that one gang member tried to hit him with a bat and his mother told PIX11 her son grabbed it.

By April, Esaid Hoke had stopped going to 8th grade classes, and his mother reluctantly let him stay home.

This prompted the Administration for Children’s Services to start monitoring the family.

The mother said she was so desperate to get out of the Bronx that she asked her landlord to evict the family, so she could appeal to the city’s shelter system to get her to another borough.

PIX11 learned Tuesday evening that the mother ended up staying in the shelter system for two months, before voluntarily exiting the shelter over the summer in a family reunification program.

Yet, while Kisha Hoke is living in another borough, her youngest son is living out of state.

The one man accused by federal authorities in connection with Hoke’s stabbing, Ramon Paulino, was released from jail on $100,000 bond in August, pending his trial.

Paulino was required to hand over his passport and remain within the New York City area, wearing a GPS monitor.

The federal complaint that was released in June said the 14-year-old victim in the case had identified himself on Facebook as a member of the Grizzlies, a group that’s affiliated with the Bloods gang.

When we asked Esaid Hoke’s mother if her son was part of a gang, she said, “Not really. Maybe when he was going to school, he was talking with people.”

She then added to her response, saying her son did not belong to a gang.

Hoke’s mother has been active on GoFundMe, seeking financial assistance for the family.

Her activity on Instagram has subjected her to criticism.

Kisha Hoke said she’s just fighting to get help for her son.

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