How Monica is making it happen this week

Christine Zayas lives at the Carver Houses and says it’s falling apart.

“Everything is breaking. It’s raining in the elevator. Many families gave mold and need repairs. No one is listening to us,” Zayas said.

Shiela Quionones sent PIX11 several videos of what she says is more than a dozen floods over the past few months.

“It’s really frustrating," Quionones said. "We put in tickets and nothing is fixed."

PIX11 reached out to NYCHA, the New York City Housing Authority. A spokesperson for NYCHA is checking on the more than a half a dozen apartments complaints and concerns.

PIX11 news will return to check to make sure fixes are done.

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Sharon Jackson is in the hospital again, her son says she has Stage 4 lung cancer.

“She will be released from the hospital and needs repairs so she can come home to a safe clean home to get better,” said her son, Mark Jackson.

Jackson has a leak in her bathroom and mold.

A New York City housing authority spokesperson says they have sent plumbers and have located the leak. They will be scheduling plasters and painters soon. PIX11 need will check in repairs.

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