Comic Con brings fans, fun and outrageous costumes to NYC

NEW YORK — Comic Con is happening through Sunday at the Javits Center, bringing together thousands of fans under one roof.

New York’s Comic Con is one of the largest in the country. It’s an opportunity for fans to connect and browse through collectibles, artwork and new products.

Comic Con is known for its intricate cosplay costumes, which often take people months to make.

Lisa Springs of West Palm Beach, Florida flew up for Comic Con with her husband, sister-in-law and 14-month-old baby girl, all in handmade costumes.

“It’s a really big deal,” said Springs. “It’s something that we do every year. We try to go every year.”

Hannah Scarlett, who lives in the city, said it took her an hour and half to apply body paint as part of her cosplay costume. “My friend and I were struggling to get everything done,” said Scarlett.

“It’s nice to just be able to put aside your issues and get together and celebrate,” said John Chaneski, who came from Brooklyn with his daughter. “It’s really fun.”

The Dragon Ball Z franchise received prime floor space at this year’s convention, ahead of a new movie release in January.

“It’s just a really epic series, and there’s a lot of fighting and action,” said Naomi Polite of New Jersey, who said Dragon Ball Z was the big draw this year.

If you plan to attend Comic Con this weekend, be sure not to take the 7 train. Service will be suspended between Queensboro Plaza and 34th St-Hudson Yards for planned signal upgrade construction.

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