Where are the new subway cars?

Subway cars are crowded and old.

When MTA NYC Transit's "Nostalgia Train" pulls into the station no one seems to mind.

The agency runs the 4-car train that dates back to 1917 for special occasions. It ran express on Wednesday night from Grand Central to Yankee Stadium for the wild-card game.

About 6,400 cars are in the current fleet at MTA NYC Transit. The age range goes as far back as the 1960s. Older cars are in use every day.

The transit agency has increased maintenance on its fleet.

New cars are arriving now. They're delivered by flatbed truck over the George Washington Bridge from a plant in upstate New York.

About a hundred cars are in use. They can be found on the J line. Another hundred cars of the model are on order.

The current requisition has had issues with testing and production.

The next generation model, which will feature an open interior design, is set to be built by another company with some new cars arriving by 2020. More than 500 are expected initially, with another thousand planned.

MTA Transit officials are working on plans to modernize the system. That includes purchasing more trains. The signal system also has to be upgraded to allow more trains to run on the lines.

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