Train service at Penn Station subject to 30-minute delays following ‘minor slow speed train derailment’

Train service in and out of Penn Station New York was suspended Thursday night due to a NJ Transit minor slow speed train derailment near the station. It resumed several hours after the derailment, but New Jersey Transit advised commuters to expect 30-minute delays during the Friday morning commute.

All cross honoring of NJ Transit rail tickets and passes has ended. Previously diverted Midtown Direct Line trains will resume service into Penn Station New York beginning with the M&E train #6602 5:44 a.m. arrival and the 5:32 a.m. arrival of the MOBO train #6200.

No customers were in the car that derailed, a New Jersey Transit spokeswoman said. No injuries have been reported. About 1,000 people - including crew - were on the train.

It derailed around 6:20 p.m. after departing at 6:10 from Penn Station toward Montclair State University, officials said. The car derailed before entering the Hudson River Runnel.  Only one set of wheels on the car detailed.

There's no need to evacuate the station, according to a tweet from Amtrak.

Photos from the scene show the station packed with commuters with no way to get home.

Many riders were furious with the delays and with the description of the derailment as "minor."

"Please explain what’s minor about being stuck in the tunnel for 25 minutes and service being suspended both ways because of a derailment? Asking for a friend," one man tweeted.

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