New Yorkers wonder if Red-Sox loving de Blasio will root for the Yankees when the teams face off

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There’s no rivalry in sports like the Yankees and Red Sox, which is why it’s hard for some sports fans to understand how Mayor Bill de Blasio, a die-hard Red Sox fan, was elected Mayor of New York.

“For me it’s quasi religious,” de Blasio explained on the Jonah Keri Podcast back in April.

Mayor de Blasio grew up in Massachusetts, but as the Yankees get set to take on the Red Sox in playoffs for the first time since he’s been Mayor, some fans say it might be time for de Blasio to don some pinstripes.

“Well I think you should recognize where you’re from and never forget, but since he’s the Mayor of New York City you should be rooting for the Yankees,” said Yankee Fan Jessie Scott. “We have the history, we have the players and we’re going to beat the Red Sox.”

While it might be tough for some Yankee fans to stomach the fact that the Mayor of New York roots for the Red Sox, de Blasio hasn’t flip-flopped on his fandom. In fact, he says he believes he’s earned some political points for staying true to his team.

“I couldn’t fake it if I wanted to. It’s too deep in me,” the Mayor said back in April. “So I just kind of came out with it, and what was amazing was people liked, this is what I got all over the city, they didn’t like my choice, but they did like the honesty.”

“With the lineup that we have now, with the young leadership that we have on this team so exciting, where we won 100 games, how could you not be a Yankee fan and you’re the Mayor of the City of New York?” asked Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Diaz was willing to make the usual friendly wager that takes place between politicians of different cities when their teams face off. He offered up some of the finest things the Bronx has to offer like the sandwiches at Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue.

“If he’s going to make a bet, I’m here because I got the best Italian combo in New York,” said David Greco of Mike’s Deli. “And if we’re going to lose, it’s not going to happen, but you can keep your Boston Cream Pie.”

But Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declined the wager, which Diaz says is a good sign for the bombers.

“I think that he knows, even though Boston had a better record, he knows the Yankees are in good shape,” Diaz said.

PIX11 reached out to the Mayor’s office to see what his plans are for the series, but never heard back. New Yorkers will just have to wait and see what color socks he’s wearing for the rest of the series.

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