Howard gets the phone ringing again

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BROOKLYN -- Takeisha Williams has an international shipping business in Brooklyn. Her father started it and it’s been family run for 40 years. But she ran into a big problem. One of her phone lines went out in April. The problem is her one working line isn’t enough.

“With the one line now if I have a call on it, the next person that do call they gonna get a busy tone on it," Williams said. "They won’t be able to get to me at all.”

She told us she may have lost 40 percent of her business and Verizon has given her a run around fixing the underlying problem. So, she sent us an email.

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call. Because after we called Verizon the company got right to work on the problem. And it was a big one. The company says its underground copper wires got wet. It took more than two days of work to get Williams' phones back up to speed.

We thank Verizon for getting it done. And, by the way, the company says fiberoptic FIOS service is coming to the area soon. It should prevent more problems like this.

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