Brooklyn College professor says post calling for sexual assault as male rite of passage was satire

Some Brooklyn College students are outraged over professor Mitchell Lanbergt’s post on his public blog in response to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testimony heard last week.

“If someone did not commit sexual assault in high school, then he is not a member of the male sex," he wrote.

The professor called the blog satire, but students are drawing a direct comparison to what’s happening on campus and in Washington, D.C. They’re asking school administrators whose side they're on.

“We are calling for his termination,” said Carlos Jesus Calzadilla-Palacio, president of the Young Progressives of America. “As a member of the male sex I completely reject that.”

The school has not taken any disciplinary action against Lanbergt.

“The least offensive thing is the blog post,” said Jessica Goncharov. “The most offensive thing about this situation is the way the administration is reacting."

Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson said she wanted to add her voice to the "chorus of condemnation."

"His remarks contravene our commitments to diversity, equality, and intellectual respect," she said.

Brooklyn College Provost Anne Lopes noted the First Amendment protects speech.

Lanbergt updated his original post, calling it a “satirical piece." But his posts in the past have been anything but. He wrote that the Civil War was not about slavery and called for the release of former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Students say his latest post shows there’s direct correlation with what’s happening on campus and in nation's capital.

“It’s this actual suggestion that men have the right to sexually assault,” said Daphna Their.

PIX11 asked the university to comment on the other blog posts and they did not respond to the new posts that have started to emerge.

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