Brentwood teen recovering from serious injures after being struck by car to run Suffolk County 5K

BRENTWOOD, Long Island -- Two years ago, Donovan "Donny" Maldonado was struck by a car walking home from Brentwood Middle School, leaving him with life-altering injuries.

Today, now 16 years old, Maldonado is using his miraculous recovery as inspiration for his community by challenging himself to participate in the 2018 Catholic Health Services Fourth Annual Suffolk County 5K race.

On January 12, 2016, Maldonado was struck by a car while walking home from school. The crash caused serious internal bleeding, traumatic brain injury, ruptured spleen, and broken bones, which have severely impacted his life.

Since the crash, Maldonado has undergone several medical procedures and will require a lifetime of rehabilitation. In preparation for this year’s marathon, Maldonado will be using the Brentwood High School’s Track as his training ground.

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