Anti-Kavanaugh protesters rally at Trump Tower

NEW YORK -- A passionate protest in front of Trump Tower Thursday aimed at expressing outrage and frustration over the expected confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“They are just trying to push him through to protect Trump," said protester Kathy Hayes. "That’s they’re agenda. That’s all they want."

Another protester, Fran Luck, said that it's about the long game.

"Yes, this is a devastating loss if he makes it on the supreme court, but we can fight him on every one of those decisions," Luck said. "And we can fight the kind of mentality, and the kind of politics that he comes out of."

But politics was not the only common thread that brought together this crowd, which, through sight and sound, reminded anyone who would listen during a march to Times Square, that this protest is also about Kavanaugh’s perceived role in the #MeToo movement.

"As a straight, cisgendered male, I wanna be an ally to support," said Brooklyn councilman Jumaane Williams. "I wanna stand with the people who have the courage to step forward. And so I believe Anita. I believe Dr. Ford."

All eyes are now the senate, which is expected to vote on the Kavanaugh nomination, as early as this weekend.