Long Island couple to be knighted by Pope Francis

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WANTAGH, NY — A Long Island couple is about to make history—they are going be knighted together by the Vatican state.

"I'm thrilled and humbled that Pope Francis has recognized the work that I have done behind the scenes for all these years," Meredith Krupp said.

She and her husband, Gary Krupp, are no strangers to Pope Francis and religious leaders around the world. They will be the first husband and wife to be knighted since the inception of the Vatican State of the Order of St. Gregory The Great in 1831.

The Jewish couple are from Wantagh and are the founders of the 'Pave the Way foundation.'

"Were known as the most effective organization in the world that no one has ever heard of," Gary Krupp told PIX 11 News. "We have changed the course of history."

'Pave the Way' identifies non theological obstacles between religions and offers gestures that establish trust. They work for peace by embracing similarities and savoring differences.

"When there is a story that's printed that is engineered to create hatred we immediately act on it and we solve the problem," Gary Krupp said.

"We have accomplished so much in a short period of time," Added Meredith Krupp.

The couple will be knighted in NYC on Monday.

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