Howard settles photo booth fiasco

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Jody Barboza of Warren County New Jersey pulled off a big save for her daughter’s quinceanera.

That’s the coming of age 15th birthday party in Hispanic culture. Her daughter, Felicity, used $350 of her own money from her McDonald’s job so she could have a photo booth. Barboza contracted with a guy named Jeffrey Haber who runs Starpower DJs.

But the morning of the big event: photo booth disaster.

“He called and canceled,” Barboza told me. “He said he had an emergency, wouldn’t really specify why. Just that he had an emergency.”

Barboza managed to get another photo booth operator. It cost her about $500, but she says the guy was great.

The problem was getting her $350 back from Haber. Barboza says he missed one meeting. And when she did some online research she saw complaints indicating he had a history of doing this kind of thing. So, she contacted me, and we went to pay Jeffrey Haber a visit at his Manalapan home/office.

At first Haber closed the door on me. But after I called him on the phone he came out and agreed to a refund. He said we could go with him to his bank. He wrote Barboza a check for $350 with a big “but.” He told her not to cash it for a week until he had enough to cover it.

A week later, on Thursday September 27, Barboza was at Haber’s bank at opening time. Much to her surprise, the check cleared! Barboza has her money back. Let’s hope Haber has learned a lesson and doesn’t do this to any other party planners.

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