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Woman with multiple sclerosis relieved after car parts from Ford finally arrive

After months of trying to get the Ford Motor Company to do the right thing, Jackie Valente is declaring victory.

In our previous report on Aug 8, we told you about Jackie’s struggle to get Ford to pay for problems that she says are the fault of the automaker. In June, her new Ford EcoSport was damaged in a parking lot hit and run.

When she brought it to AGS Autorama in Queens, owner Pete Sarra said it would probably take a week to fix the damage to the car’s front end. But when he called Ford to order the parts, he was told it would take weeks. Weeks turned into almost three months. Ford wouldn’t say what was responsible for the delay.

While she was waiting for the parts to arrive, Jackie, who has multiple sclerosis, had to rent a car. Her insurance company, Geico, paid for 30 days. After that, Jackie asked Ford to pay.

"They led me to believe they might pay for it and then they came back and said ‘we’re not gonna pay for nothing,'" she said.

After Jackie contacted “What a Shame”at PIX11, we tried to speak with a Ford representative. Our calls and emails weren’t returned. However, the automaker paid attention after our report was broadcast in August. In one week, the body shop received all the parts needed to fix Jackie’s car.

Ford just introduced the EcoSport to the U.S. market this year, but it’s been sold in other countries for years. Having to ship parts from as far away as India is one reason for the shortage of supplies here.

Jackie was glad to have her car back, but the matter of money still remained. She had paid almost $2,000 out of pocket for the rental car and said Ford should reimburse her since the parts shortage is what caused her to have the rental for so long.

Ford insisted Jackie provide the receipts and she did. The end result is Ford paid for 46 days of the rental car, totaling $1,879.49. It also paid for 46 days of the body shop’s storage fees totaling $2,300. It’s a happy ending for a feisty consumer who refused to take no for an answer.

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