Transit officials and riders review Subway Action Plan and Future Improvements

How's your commute?

Riders are asking questions of transit officials as the MTA NYC Transit President goes on a transit tour.

Andy Byford has been holding community forums to discuss the improvement plan known as "Fast Forward."

That focuses on modernizing the subway system's signals, purchasing more trains, redesigning the bus network, making the system more accessible, and empowering transit workers by changing the corporate culture.

Final cost estimates are being reviewed and board members will be briefed first. The price could be between $30 and $40 billion.

$800 million from the state and the city was directly budgeted to address the emergency subway action plan (after much discussion) during the legislative session in Albany. In the summer of 2017, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the declaration.

A presentation at the Transit Committee in September showed that major incidents decreased 11.7% according to data during the past year.

At the meeting in September of the MTA NYC Transit Committee, board members and staff discussed the one-year anniversary of the Subway Action Plan.

Members and speakers agreed that there is much work to do.

The plan's goals have been the “system stabilization, reversal of long term decline, and dramatic improvement in customer communications.”

The presentation shows that work continues to “arrest a decline in reliability.”

Drains have to be cleared and track joints must be welded.

Transit officials are collecting data that focuses on customer experience and train-based statistics.

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