Westchester County man wins $10 million after decades of playing the lottery

HARTSDALE, NY — A 66-year-old man who’s played the lottery his entire adult life won big; he’s the newest lottery millionaire in New York.

Michael Marks (NY Lottery)

Michael Marks won his $10,000,000 prize on a $10,000 a Week for Life scratch-off ticket he bought while grabbing coffee at A-Plus, according to the lottery. He buys a ticket every day.

“This is my store,” Marks told the New York State Lottery. “I come in here every day for a cup of coffee and my scratch-off tickets.”

This time, he knew he’d won something big when he scanned his ticket.

“The machine lit up and said big winner, see lottery agent,” he said. “I asked the retailer for a pen, locked myself in the bathroom and signed the ticket.”

Now he’ll get annual installments of $520,000 before required withholdings.

“This really is amazing,” Marks said. “I really haven’t given much thought to how I’ll spend the money yet. Right now, I just plan to enjoy life!”