NYC homeless woman turns to performance art

UPPER WEST SIDE — It’s a new form of comedy called “motivational comedy” for audiences who want to be transformed.

At Standup New York Comedy Club, this #Shift Your Self performance featured a formerly homeless woman Rebecca Scott, also known as Holly Hood, as the opening act.

Rebecca Scott had been homeless off and on for seven years, battling addiction and depression, serving time in prison and playing cello in the Astor Place subway station, often sleeping on a bench.

But through a group called Community Access, she got a studio apartment and has written several books about her life.

Last summer, Rebecca started performing on the Bowery, dressed as an angel.

A manager of comedy acts and her young daughter were taken with her talent.

“I feel like street performers don’t get a chance anymore. It’s a different city,” Beth Joy, a manager of comedians, told PIX11 News.

“Why not do a Renaissance or vaudevillian show?”

“I am so blown away by her energy and by her commitment,” Jenn Lederer, a “motivational” comedian, told PIX11.

“Her ability to bring light to this project — it’s been fabulous to work with her so far,” she added.

And for Rebecca herself, she is hoping her story of now actually being paid to perform in comedy clubs will inspire others to not give up.

“Things do come to people who wait, who are faithful and diligent,” Scott told PIX11.

“A lot of my songs are inspirational as well.

The #Shift Your Self Motivational Comedy Act, a transformative comedic experience, will be a recurring show in New York City comedy clubs in the months to come.