Man accused of housing ‘indentured servants’ in Brooklyn ‘secret mansion’

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KENSINGTON, Brooklyn — A full-blown secret party mansion has operated for nearly two years on the back of free labor, according to a housing court filing—but the landlord in question is disputing this claim.

Instagram video advertising parties at the so-called 'secret mansion' shows a house setup for a good time.

A woman who once lived in the house said she was forced out because she was tired of  living in a basement bunk room for minimal rent— in exchange for setting up and picking up after the house parties.

“I don’t think they knew what they were getting into,” said Sophia Dalal, who works for the housing advocacy group Equality for Flatbush, which is helping the tenants in housing court.

“It was delusional in many ways that the landlord believed he was entitled to live in an apartment that’s free of rent to turn a profit on it, to have an event space, to have people do his dishes, his dirty work his laundry.”

However, the landlord said describing the arrangement with his tenants as “indentured servitude” is vastly overblown.

He said people were asked to do no more than two hours of work per day for greatly reduced rents.  The arrangement was supposed to be short term, and was growing unacceptably long.

The landlord also said the parties did not net him too much money, and are mainly for the benefit of him and his friends.

PIX11 News had the NYPD pull their recent records for this house—there have been three noise complaints so far in 2018, but nothing rising to the level of a criminal investigation.

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