DOT discusses plans to repair BQE in Brooklyn Heights

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Broolyn — It’s an ambitious plan to repair the section of the BQE in Brooklyn Heights.

The city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) gave an in-depth tour Friday to explain why the work is needed and what it’ll mean to drivers and residents who live in this area. Many are concerned about the inconvenience.

Officials say 153,000 vehicles, many of them trucks, travel through the BQE daily and the wear and tear has aged the infrastructure.

DOT leaders say it’s a necessary project for both longevity and safety.

“It’s an old substandard design with bad sight lines,” DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said. “We can make this a lot safer.”

One option is to have sections of the roadway worked on one at a time. Lanes of traffic would be shifted.

Another idea is to shut down the famous Brooklyn Heights promenade—a popular spot to take in the NYC skyline.

In this scenario, traffic would be diverted to run across the promenade while the section below is worked on. This of course will not be welcome news to the people who live in the area.

The promenade, which is actually a bridge, will also have to eventually be replaced.

This will be a lengthy project. First, a two-year environmental assessment followed by a six to eight-year-long construction project.

“This is a project of enormous proportion and understandably people are anxious... we want to hear from them... we promise we will work with them,” added Trottenberg.

Officials are predicting the project could cost anywhere between three to four billion dollars. The DOT is hoping for federal funds to help absorb the costs.

The first public meeting is scheduled for next Thursday.

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