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Bold pop-up museum puts spotlight on controversial ‘broken windows’ policing

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MANHATTAN — Broken windows policing has been criticized for decades. The strategy—long practiced by the NYPD—targets small non-violent crimes in an effort to prevent large ones.

Thirty artists from around the country are now tackling the issue in a pop-up in the West Village called the 'Museum of Broken Windows.'

Johanna Miller, advocacy director at New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) and an executive producer of the pop-up, hopes the museum serves as a platform for those victimized by the policy who according to research, have predominantly been black and Latino youth.

“Broken windows policing is one of our biggest exports in New York City and it’s something people all over the country are grappling with,” she told PIX11 News.

From Amadou Diallo who was killed when NYPD officers shot him in a hail of gunfire when he went to reach for his wallet to Eric Garner who was killed when he was put in a chokehold by an officer - the artists tell their stories through powerful and creative installations.

Philadelphia-based artist Russell Craig, who was incarcerated for 7 years for non-violent drug crimes, used his old court papers as the canvas for what he calls a self portrait of a system that tried to define him.

“It is a reminder to us that we may have locked up or even may have killed some of our most talented Americans... their voices need to be heard,” Miller said.

The 'Museum of Broken Windows' officially opens to the public Sept. 22 with events happening all week long through Sept. 30.

For all the details, visit the NYCLU’s website.

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