Who is being arrested for fare evasion? Lawsuit aims to force NYPD to release stats

NEW YORK — A lawsuit is being announced Thursday aiming to force the NYPD to comply with New York City law requiring the release of information on fare evasion enforcement data.

The Police Department has not released three quarterly reports, due Jan. 30, April 30 and July 30, according to officials.

Quarterly reports have been have been required since December 2017, when the City Council unanimously passed legislation by councilman Rory I. Lancman.

The reports are supposed to include the number of arrests and civil summonses; and details such as which subway station the action took place; transit bureau district; and race, sex and age group of the individual who was arrested or issued a TAB summons.

Lancman, community service society of New York general counsel Judith Whiting, attorney Richard Emery and legal services providers plan to announce the lawsuit Thursday afternoon.

Prior to the lawsuit announcement, City Hall officials said in a statement: “We’re working quickly to reach an agreement that satisfies the intent of the legislation without posing a threat to public safety.”