5Pointz street art moves into new hotel in Bowery

The 20-story staircase tells a tale of street art.

At the new citizenM New York Hotel in the Bowery, aerosol artists from 5Pointz have transformed the stair space.

The installation will be open to the general public in October during the day. Visitors can check in at the hotel's front desk.

It's being called "MOSA," the Museum of Street Art.

For more than two decades, the original 5Pointz building was home to artists and the exterior was curated by artist known as Meres One, who's name is Jonathan Cohen.

The building's owner allowed the art but in 2013 decided to build two residential units on the space. The exterior was painted over and in 2014, it was torn down.

citizenM, a hotel chain, commissioned and compensated the 5Pointz artists, who will be responsible for curating the exhibition.