Two former NYCHA workers speak out of alleged harassment, along with seeing drinking, and smoking pot on the job

THE BRONX -- The Throggs Neck Houses in the Bronx is at the center of an investigation thats just begun, filed by the department of investigation, NYCHA, and now the city council's investigations panel wants answers.

Last month, 40 workers were transferred and three staffers suspended for having alleged alcohol fueled sex parties on company time.

Neil Andrade and Earl Rogers both worked at Throggs Neck.

Neil Andrade was a building caretaker at Throggs Neck Houses from June 2017 to March 2018.

Earl Rogers was a supervisor of grounds for 25 years at Throggs Neck Houses before the alleged sex parties.

Andrade resigned. Rogers retired.

Andrade admits he had a sexual relationship with a supervisor.

“As soon as my relationship stopped my overtime stopped,” Andrade said.

Andrade alleges there was favoritism because of personal relations with workers and supervisors.

Andrade also witnessed several instances of drinking and smoking pot on the job.

Andrade says someone verbally threatened to run him over with a company vehicle.

“They crossed through the development on the sidewalk and threatened to run me over in a company vehicle,” Andrade said.

Andrade says he never reported the incident out of fear of retaliation.

Rogers worked at Throggs Neck Houses for over 25 years as a supervisor and knows several of the other supervisors now suspended pending the sex scandal investigation.

“They intimidate, they disrespect you. Actually no respect. There’s intimidation. It was ridiculous. Thats is why I left,” said Rogers.

Monique Johnson , the tenant association president of Throggs Neck houses says she is angry not because of the alleged sex happening on company time, but the important work not being done inside the 29 buildings here at Throggs Neck and the 3000 residents who live here many of them desperately need repairs and services.

“From a resident’s point of view, it’s very frustrating and it angers me,” Johnson said.

David Mcgruder is a lawyer and now represents neil Andrade.

“He didn’t expect a sexual relationship with a supervisor would end his employment there. He wanted to provide for his children. He needed his life insurance, health insurance paid for by us the tax payers and the residents,” McGruder said.

PIX11 need reached out to the workers union and the president of Teamster’s local 237 said, "We have no record of a complaint by either worker. If we had, we would have initiated an investigation by the Housing Authority,"

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us,
“We’ve had long standing concerns about management and performance issues at Throggs Neck. We can’t comment further on an on-going investigation."

In the meantime, the city council’s committee on oversight and investigations will partner with the public housing committee and hold a public hearing on what happened on October 11.

NYCHA is expected to be there.

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