Man emails 240 Nicoles in search for woman he met at bar

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CALGARY, ALBERTA — Over 240 Nicoles in Canada have formed a friendship over their shared name. And it’s all thanks to a guy emailing every Nicole in his university’s directory searching for a girl he met at a bar.

University of Calgary student Carlos Zetina met “Nicole” earlier this month. She accidentally gave him the wrong number. Determined to find her, the next morning he emailed 247 Nicoles at the school.

"The first person who replied removed Carlos from the email and all of us said, 'hey should we all reply saying we are the real Nicole?," said Nicole Manaog, a third year Communication Studies student.

Carlos emailed Nicoles ranging from undergraduates to deans. He also emailed people with similar names to Nicole, including Nicolette Little.

“I just remember [there] being a lot of kind of witty, funny comments between Nicoles as we kind of got our heads around the fact that we had all been emailed this email," said Little, a PhD candidate.

 The email thread soon became a Facebook group called “Nicole From Last Night.” Hours after they received the message, nearly a dozen Nicoles decided to meetup. During the second event last Friday, nearly 40 Nicoles joined in on the fun.

“I eventually made a lot of new friends on campus because of Carlos and we plan to maybe meetup once a month just to kind of hang out," said Manaog.

While Carlos may have been the reason that they all initially connected, their message now is about sisterhood.

“I really think for me this was about a bunch of whole awesome women coming together and you know having a bit of fun with the fact we were united in an unusual way," said Little.

Despite emailing over 240 Nicoles, the one Carlos met wasn’t one of them. The "Real Nicole" has since joined the Facebook group, and went out with Carlos as friends.

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