Howard takes a trip to see a travel agent

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Afrieca Simmons planned a wonderful trip to Jamaica for her son’s graduation. A total of 28 people. It turned into an ultra-expensive debacle courtesy of some shenanigans by her travel agent.

She went to Angella Travel in Queens. Unfortunately, her group wound up getting one-way tickets instead of the round-trip tickets Simmons said she paid for. And it got worse when they got to the resort hotel in Kingston.

“On Friday when the majority of the group arrived, they couldn’t check in,” Simmons said. “We found out that it wasn’t paid for.”

Simmons and her sister wound up paying extra to get everyone into the hotel and back home. She figures she’s out about $28,000 she paid Angella Lewis plus the extra money she had to lay out in Jamaica to get her group into the hotel and then back home. That was another $22,000.

“From the moment the hotel told us we couldn’t check in, I’ve been calling Miss Lewis, texting, everything!”

But Simmons said she got nowhere with Angella Lewis. So, she emailed me, and we went to pay Angella Lewis a visit. As you might expect, Lewis had a different story, although I’m still not quite sure what it is. She claims she acted properly but didn’t produce receipts for items in question. And another thing she didn’t do was reimburse Simmons' money.

We tried calling Lewis several times after our visit. But no one picked up and her phone wasn’t taking messages. Hmmm…wonder why?

We can’t force Angella Lewis to do the right thing. But eventually, word spreads. We’ve already heard from others who say she’s ripped them off. So, be forewarned.

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