Learn how to make magical cocktails at fantasy-themed bar ‘The Cauldron NYC’

LOWER MANHATTAN — Calling all witches and wizards: There’s a new magical cocktail class opening in Manhattan that teaches guests how to brew beverages that change colors, bubble and light on fire.

“Imagine high school chemistry class but you can drink them and they’re safe, so cocktails that are delicious that do really interesting things,” says Matthew Cortland, co-founder of The Cauldron NYC.

The fantasy-themed pub is located on the second floor of Bavaria Bier Haus on Stone Street. Upon entering The Cauldron NYC, each guest gets a robe. They also borrow a magic wand that pours pints of beers, opens locked cabinets and turns on lights among other tasks.

Throughout the hour and 45-minute session, patrons concoct three separate cocktails.

“The first potion is mead inspired,” explains Cortland. “Then we have ‘Transfiguration Toniq’ which is a color-changing drink, and we have ‘Lost Time’ which is brewed in a cauldron.”

The bar opens after a sold-out run in London. While the pop-up is not affiliated with any specific fantasy franchise like Harry Potter, it encourages people to bring their favorite books which will be donated to local New York City classrooms.

“I hope that guests have a feeling of nostalgia and excitement that the magical world that they’ve been reading about as kids actually can become real,” says Cortland. 

The Cauldron NYC will run through December. Tickets are $44.99 during off peak times, and $54.99 during peak periods. All guests must be over the age of 21.

For more information about the cocktail experience and how to buy tickets, visit The Cauldron’s website.

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