Paul McCartney’s key to being hot at 76: ‘Sex, drugs and rock and roll’

GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL, Manhattan — I fell in love when I was nine years old. His name was Paul McCartney and he was the “cutest” Beatle, at least in my young mind, when the Beatles came to New York City to play in 1964.

So what a thrill for me to ask Paul, in person, for the first time, what the secret to being hot at 76 years of age.

His answer, as he looked me directly in the eyes, my knees shaking, “sex,drugs and rock and roll.” And I told him I would remember that: Point well taken.

At 76, Sir Paul McCartney wowed the Friday night commuter crowds at Grand Central Terminal because behind the black curtain, inside Vanderbilt Hall, there was a special, secret concert going on for a select 300.

The chosen few were invited as the former Beatle released his 17th solo album, Egypt Station.

Diehard fans, some wearing McCartney T-shirts and carrying Beatle memorabilia were willing to wait and wait and wait for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Fans were also able to purchase official Paul McCartney themed metro cards in honor of this occasion and it was a big Beatle day all around.

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