Shooting, attempted robbery ends in 2-car crash in the Bronx

THE BRONX -- Social Media is likely to once again help detectives fill in the blanks after a rapper and his brother were allegedly targeted in an attempting robbery that ended in a car crash and shooting.

A video reposted by Bronx rapper Toxic Crow shows how the scene unfolded Friday afternoon.

The rapper, and his brother, were walking to their parked black SUV at 175th Street and Walton Avenue when they were ambushed by two men wearing hoodies.

The men attempted to rip off the rapper's jewerly and a struggle ensued.

The rapper's brother was shot in the shoulder and the suspects fled in a car. The rapper and his brother got in their car and chased the suspects, police said.

The wild car chase continued as gunshots rang out for several blocks down a busy Grand Concourse -- right around the time school let out.

“I guy shot it up, pistola, and there was 4 shots after that, 3 or 4 shots, and then the SUV hauled off after the guys and was running down the concourse,” said a witness named Shawn.

The chase ended with Toxic Crow’s black SUV crashing into the rear of what was apparently the suspect’s getaway car, and then into a concrete wall.

Both vehicles were facing the wrong way on a one-way street.

“People was running," Shawn said. "Like screaming and yelling, the shots…they’re shooting, they’re shooting. It was pretty dangerous. Pretty scary."

The rapper’s brother later posted a photo on Instagram. He told everyone he was fine, and asked for information.

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