Alleged MS-13 gang member arrested for murder of two Long Island teens: police

ROOSEVELT, N.Y. — Another alleged MS-13 gang member is now behind bars on Long Island, according to police.

Kevin Lopez-Morales, 20, of Roosevelt was arrested and charged with two counts of murder in the second degree. He is accused of killing two teenagers with other gang members.

Lopez-Morales had no comment as cops walked him out of Nassau County Police Headquarters. He was arraigned Friday morning in Nassau County District Court in Hempstead.

"When we confronted him while he was in Homeland Security, he made some incriminating statements and he's been charged with both murders," Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said. Police said Lopez-Morales is in New York illegally from El Salvador.

According to police, Lopez-Morales participated in the murder of two Roosevelt High School students. The body of 16-year-old Angel Soler was found buried under a concrete slab in a wooded area in Roosevelt back in Oct. 2017.

Josue Amaya Leonor, 19, was found in May 2018 in the Roosevelt Preserve. Police said he was killed in 2016.

Authorities said they think the teens were targeted because of an affiliation with a rival gang.

"They both had marks on them as far as being members of that group," Fitzpatrick said. "That's why they went after them."

Multiple MS-13 gang members, believed to be part of the faction called the Hollywood Clique, have been arrested for these murders. Some were allegedly involved in both.

"Each of these murders was committed by multiple people. Some of them are in custody and some of them are not. And this is very much an ongoing investigation," Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

Since 2016, 10 MS-13 victims have been found in Nassau County since 2016. But according to local officials, this vicious gang is slowly being dismantled and is now vulnerable. "Because the heat is on and we are going to purse them as vigorously as we can," Singas said.

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