FDNY adds 18 names to memorial wall for deaths related to 9/11 illnesses

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — The FDNY added 18 names to its FDNY World Trade Center Memorial Wall on Thursday, honoring firefighters who died from September 11th-related illnesses.

The wall now includes the names of 177 individuals. The FDNY expects the number of deaths from 9/11-related illnesses to surpass the number of deaths from the attack itself.

Family members and friends of the fallen joined with firefighters for a ceremony at FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn. Kate Schlosser's father, retired FDNY firefighter Michael O'Hanlon, died of cancer in 2017.

"He served this city for 30 years and just absolutely loved his job," Schlosser said. "[He] fought bravely, never let it kind of bother him, never had a bad thing to say."

Nicholas Spatafora's brother Ronald was an assistant chief who passed away in June from Leukemia. Spatafora said his brother spent every day down at Ground Zero after the attacks.

"It does make you feel good in seeing everyone and talking about them, that they're not gone, they'll always be remembered, but it's very hard," said Spatafora.

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